Wu, Yi-Hsuan  







E - m a i l


PhD Candidate of International Business Department, National Taiwan University. Master of Business Administration Department, National Taiwan University

Major and Interests

Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior Research, Advertising Management

Brand Loyalty & Community, Customer Relationship Management,  International Marketing Management

Knowledge Management, Information Education


Teaching Courses

Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Advertising Management

Services Marketing, International Business Management,  International Marketing

Customer Relationship Management, Creative Marketing, Project Seminar

Relative Experience

SME Portal website Programmer

Teaching  Assistant, National Taiwan University(2000-2001)

Visiting Scholar for McDonald's Hamburger University and Global HQ (sponsored), USA (2001)

Research Methodology Program, R&D Department of NCCU (2004)

Research Methodology Program, Center for Public & Business Administration Education of  NCCU(2006)

Advanced Study Program for Innovation R&D Management, MOT Research Center, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan(2006)

Advanced Study Program for Innovation Management, Kyung Hee University, Korea(2006)

Industry Technology Research and Development Management Study Project, (sponsored) Ministry of Economics Affairs(2006)

R&D Manager Program, Department of Technology Management, National Tsing-Hua University(2006)

Academic English Extension Program, Language Center, College of Liberal Arts, NTU(2007)

Lecture speaker for entrepreneurial marketing program(2009)  

Lecture speaker of professional certificates: Level 1 in International Marketing, Product Marketing  Analyst (2010~)
Guidance Counselor of Microanalysis Certification Committee(2011~)
Consultant of Tri-star Statistics Service Company(2012~)
Consultant of Chinese Commerce Vocational Competency Development Association(2012~)
Certificates/Training lecturer: Certified Securities Specialist, Survey and Research Analyst, International Marketing, Product Marketing  Analyst, Market Product Marketing Strategy Analyst, Market Product Marketing Strategy Planner, Creative Product Marketing Planner. 

Research Paper

"Knowledge Creation and Resource Integration in New Product Innovation: A Case Study on Pharmaceutical Companies", (forthcoming)
"福祿壽觀光酒廠:觀光工廠服務創新企劃個案", 策略評論Policy & Strategy Review No.20, Special Issue,  pp.10-19, Aug. 2013
"創意商品開發與行銷企劃:以口腔保健商品為例", 策略評論Policy & Strategy Review No.20, Special Issue, pp.55-64, Aug. 2013
"智慧型收納商品開發與行銷策略:創新企劃個案", 策略評論Policy & Strategy Review No.20, Special Issue, pp.74-85, Aug. 2013
"Effects of Feedback Types on the Student's Self-Efficacy", International Journal of e-Education, e-Business, e-Management and e-Learning, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp.202-205, June 2013
"Author Name Disambiguation in Citations", Proceedings of  International Conferences on WI-IAT 2011, Lyon, France, August 2011. (EI)

"An Exploratory Study of Blogs Marketing for Small Business in Taiwan", Journal of China Institute of Technology, Vol.40, pp.175-193, June, 2009

"Integrating R&D and Marketing in NPD in the Pharmaceutical Industry", Proceedings of the 15th Anniversary Managerial Conference, Taipei. 2009

"The Study of Consumers for Brand Relationship Development from Process-based view-the Case of NIKE", Proceedings of the International Business Conference, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Dec. 2008

"Research on R&D Resources Integration- Case Study of Hi-tech Industry", Proceedings of the R&D Manager Program  Conference, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taipei, Dec. 2006

"The Research of KM Strategy Development of Digital Content Industry in Taiwan-- Case Study of Game Companies", Proceedings of the 38th Anniversary Managerial Conference, Taipei, 2005



Research Projects

"The Project of Application Software on Digital Mobile Device", Microtech. Corp. 2013
"The Research of Advertisement Education", Chung-Hwa Multi-Media Corporation, 2012-2013
"How to Build up Virtual Community to Implement SMEs Branding", Chung-Hwa Multi-Media Corporation, 2011-2012

"The  Research of Digital Media Advertising Effect", Chung-Hwa Multi-Media Corporation, 2009-2010

"The Impact of Foreign Drama Programs on Local Consuming Culture in Taiwan", Jun-Wei Movie Corporation, 2007-2008

"The Study of Customer Value and Marketing Network Development for Digital Content Corporation", Jun-Wei Movie Corporation, 2006-2007

"The Effective Design of Integrated Marketing Communication- Case Study of Motel Marketer", Royal Business Rental Corporation, 2005

"The Study of Employee Performance Appraisal", Royal Business Rental Corporation, 2005


Adviser - Student Projects

The Strategic Planning for Tour Marketing: Taipei City Case Study(2013-2014), day division.
RE. NICE Traval Services Company: the Practical Study of Service Innovations and  Entrepreneurial Proposal(2012-2013),seniors, day division.
Idea Design Studio: A Practical Study of Entrepreneurial Proposal and Market Surveys(2011-2012), seniors, day division.
The Comparison Research of Integrated Marketing Communication Implement - Case Study of  Hot Spring Companies in North Taiwan(2004), seniors, day division.

The Analysis of Managerial Type and CRM for Home-stay Marketers in Yi-Lan(2004), seniors, day division.



Outstanding teaching award of BA department (2007)

Excellent mentor award of night division(2007, 2011)

Winner of Sponsored Visiting Program Contest of McDonald's Corporation (TW) (2001) 

[Adviser] First & Second Awards at School Student Association Contest (2003 & 2004)

[Adviser]  Merit Award at National Entrepreneurship Business Plan Contest  (2011) - two awards of the preliminary round competition & one award of the final round competition


指導日企四乙謝欣珏同學參加「2012全國技專院校 i-Life 創新服務企劃競賽」進決賽前九強榮獲「特優」!

指導日企四乙林佩蓉同學參加「2012全國技專院校 i-Life 創新服務企劃競賽」進決賽前九強榮獲「特優」!
指導日企四乙王怡婷同學參加「2012全國技專院校 i-Life 創新服務企劃競賽」進決賽前九強榮獲「特優」!
指導夜企四甲余巧琳同學參加「2012全國技專院校 i-Life 創新服務企劃競賽」榮獲「優勝」!
指導日企四乙呂佳玲同學參加「2012全國技專院校 i-Life 創新服務企劃競賽」榮獲「佳作」!
指導日企四乙黃瓊慧同學參加「2012全國技專院校 i-Life 創新服務企劃競賽」榮獲「佳作」!
指導日企三乙莊智婷、陳思由、王致傑、彭柏銘同學參加「2012全國技專院校 i-Life 創新服務企劃競賽」榮獲「佳作」!
指導日企三乙沈佳勳、蔡明璇、楊庭瑀同學參加「2012全國技專院校 i-Life 創新服務企劃競賽」榮獲「佳作」!
指導夜企三甲楊雅婷、許惠雯、張佳鈴、藍偉智同學參加「2012全國技專院校 i-Life 創新服務企劃競賽」榮獲「佳作」!
指導日企四乙高  宇、李昭錡、林宥榛同學參加「2012第三屆育企盃全國創意創新創業競賽」榮獲決賽「佳作」!

Other Services

Webpage Designer and Maintainer of BA department (2003~)

Mentor of In-service Program, Night Division (2003~)

Consultant of Graduate School Entrance for seniors(2005~)

Voluntary Service Mentor of Night Division (2007)

Instructor of BA student association (2003-2005)

Speaker of Graduate School Lecture Courses (2006)

Member of Academic and Teaching Committee of BA Department (2004-2006, 2009~)

Member of Marketing Academic Committee of Business School(2008~)

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